• What would you ask an NHL All-Star?

  • Quick Shift: The Battle Of Alberta Is Back!

  • Quick Shift: What is your favorite piece of hockey nostalgia?

  • The Long Drive: Building Hockey on Long Island (Peconic Hockey Foundation)

  • Quick Shift: We Have a New Video Premiering Tonight!

  • Quick Shift: Do you like the snow or the sun better?

  • Quick Shift: What is your hockey team getting for the holidays?

  • Quick Shift: Halfway to Our Monument Goal!

  • Quick Shift: What Kind of Hockey Content Do You Follow Online?

  • Quick Shift: When is the right time to move on from a General Manager?

  • Quick Shift: When is the right time to move on from a coach?

  • Quick Shift: Where Do We Draw The Line For Goalie Contact?

  • Quick Shift: Thanks for being a positive hockey community!

  • Quick Shift: Who has the best hair all-time in the NHL?

  • Quick Shift: What's up with hockey parents?

  • Quick Shift: The Bill Peters Situation

  • Quick Shift: Positive Hockey

  • Quick Shift: Should kids play more than just one sport?

  • Quick Shift: How do you feel about how Babcock has been treated after being fired?

  • Quick Shift: What is the Weirdest Thing You've Seen at a Hockey Game?

  • Quick Shift: When Do You Trade Your Franchise Players?

  • Quick Shift: When Should A Play Be Blown Dead?

  • Let’s talk about Don Cherry

  • Quick Shift: Why do the Boston Bruins Suck??

  • Quick Shift: Veteran's Day 2019

  • Quick Shift: USA Hockey Bans All Hate Speech

  • Should the NHL Make a Rule That Rewards Good Drafting?

  • Quick Shift: Voracek Waves Off A Penalty...

  • We're Helping The 1980 Miracle Team Build A Statue At Lake Placid

  • Quick Shift: Adult league isn't important but you should still care about it.

  • Quick Shift: Was Matthews taking a shot on Ovi with this one?

  • Quick Shift: Ovechkin Is The Number 1 Scoring Left Winger Of All Time

  • Quick Shift: What NHL Player Do You Misremember?

  • Quick Shift: Ron Francis Podcast Release

  • Quick Shift: What is your favorite hockey game memory?

  • Quick Shift: What are you wearing for Halloween?

  • Your Hockey Teams Sucks Seattle

  • Mike Richter's Message to Rangers Fans

  • What NHLer (dead or alive) would you want to meet?

  • Quick Shift: A shout out to all those who donate their time to spread the game!

  • Quick Shift: What is your team's best slogan?

  • Quick Shift: Does the schedule really effect if teams wins or lose?

  • Bryan Trottier - Transcending His Legacy

  • Quick Shift: What NHLer's are doing more outside of the game?

  • NHL 20 Hockey Ultimate Team with Ray Carsillo

  • NHL 20 World of CHEL with Ray Carsillo

  • NHL 20 Draft Champions with Ray Carsillo

  • NHL20 Threes with Ray Carsillo

  • Introducing the WeLive.Hockey podcast

  • NHL 20 Review: Be a Pro Goalie

  • NHL 20 FINAL Review

  • NHL 20 Review: Be A Pro Part 2

  • NHL 20 Review: Be A Pro Part 1

  • What hockey bucket list item are you checking off this season?

  • NHL 20 Expansion Franchise Mode

  • NHL 20 Gameplay with Ray Carsillo

  • Your Hockey Team Sucks: New York Islanders

  • Does EA's NHL franchise listen to their fans?

  • Hockey First Nation: Building the Game with Bryan Trottier

  • Your Hockey Team Sucks: Vancouver Canucks

  • Your Hockey Team Sucks: Detroit Red Wings (with Darren McCarty)

  • Elimination Cafe Giveaway Winners Announced

  • Elimination Cafe 19 - Bonus Round

  • Quick Shift: Don't freak out about the NHL draft!

  • Your Hockey Team Sucks: Vegas Golden Knights

  • Quick Shift: Who's gonna win at the NHL awards this year?

  • Elimination Cafe 19 - Final Round

  • Quick Shift: What kind of content should we do this summer?

  • We're Giving Stuff Away

  • Quick Shift: What's your favorite story of a player pushing through injury?

  • Quick Shift: Hockey Moms aren't crazy

  • Quick Shift: UNSOLVED MYSTERY, The Kelly Cup

  • Quick Shift: How important is the NHL Scouting Combine?

  • Quick Shift: How important are Captains in Hockey?

  • Quick Shift: What is your worst Stanley Cup Memory?

  • Quick Shift: What is your favorite Stanley Cup moment?


  • Quick Shift: What is Southern Hockey REALLY like?

  • Quick Shift: We're giving away bunch of hockey swag!

  • Quick Shift: Who inspires you within the game (with John Schiavo)

  • Elimination Cafe 19 - Round 3

  • Quick Shift: The World Championships help grow the game

  • Quick Shift: How do you feel about the NBC announcers in these playoffs?

  • Quick Shift: Should ref's call more penalty's during the playoffs?

  • Quick Shift: Why doesn't the NHL Network have a decent streaming App?

  • Quick Shift: Do you watch CHL Hockey?

  • Quick Shift: Have you been watching the World Championships?

  • Quick Shift: We started a facebook group where YOU can post content

  • Elimination Cafe 19 - Round 2

  • Quick Shift: Do You Watch Minor League Hockey?

  • Quick Shift: How Do you Feel About Bandwagon Fans?

  • Quick Shift: Women aren't asking for millions, just a liveable wage

  • Quick Shift: Stop Blaming the Refs

  • Quick Shift: Diving in Hockey

  • Quick Shift: How good of a coach is Barry Trotz?

  • Quick Shift: Maybe the new playoff format isn't so bad

  • Elimination Cafe 19 - Round 1

  • Quick Shift: What about hockey motivates you?

  • Quick Shift: Should Fighting be Banned in the NHL?

  • Eliminated Anonymous West

  • Quick Shift: mould Finlands Goal Have Counted?

  • Eliminated Anonymous East

  • Quick Shift: What do you want to see in Elimination Cafe this year?

  • Quick Shift: The CWHL folding is an opportunity for the NWHL

  • Quick Shift: The Devils and Rangers Fans actually agree on something

  • Quick Shift: Matthew Tkachuk won Calgary's award for sportsmanship and respect off the ice

  • Quick Shift: Should Owners Publicly Call Out Players?

  • Quick Shift: How Important is the Presidents Trophy?

  • Quick Shift: How competitive is the ACHA?

  • Quick Shift: How much did the Russian Five change the game of hockey?

  • Quick Shift: When will we see the first woman ref in the NHL?

  • Quick Shift: Best NHLer nicknames

  • Quick Shift: Which NHL Team Has The Best Atmosphere?

  • Do Announcers enhance your experience of a game?

  • Quick Shift: What Bubble Teams Are Going To Make It?

  • Quick Shift: What Hockey Topics Do You Want To Discuss?

  • Hockey Lies | Hockeytonky in Boston

  • Quick Shift: How do you feel about International Hockey?

  • Quick Shift: We're going to the Tournament from The Mighty Ducks

  • Quick Shift: NWHL Playoffs

  • Quick Shift: Top 10 Moments of February in the NHL

  • Quick Shift: Tavares isn't the Worst

  • Quick Shift: Fighting with Chara

  • Quick Shift: Islanders Fans... Relax

  • Quick Shift: Your Most Hated Player

  • Quick Shift: Your Favorite Memory!

  • Quick Shift: What makes you go to games?

  • Quick Shift: Progression of USA Hockey

  • Quick Shift: Hockey on Social Media

  • Quick Shift: Ovechkin The Best

  • Quick Shift: Carolina's Celebration

  • Quick Shift: Coaches Get Fired All The Time

  • Quick Shift: When Concussions Happen

  • Quick Shift: Red Bull Crashed Ice

  • Quick Shift: Flyers' Hot Streak

  • Quick Shift: Hockey is Less Popular Than Soccer

  • Quick Shift: Who's Gonna Win the Cup?

  • Quick Shift: Beer League Hockey

  • Quick Shift: Consuming The Game

  • Quick Shift: Why Doesn't Women's Hockey Get the Respect It Deserves

  • Quick Shift: Puck Tracking

  • Quick Shift: Gritty's All-Star Weekend


  • Quick Shift: The Skills Competition

  • Quick Shift: Are the Islanders Really This Good?

  • Quick Shift: Do you care about the All-Star Game?

  • Quick Shift: Who's getting traded?

  • Quick Shift: How Do You Handle Your Team Losing?

  • Quick Shift: Has the Winter Classic Lost Its Appeal?

  • Quick Shift: Crosby vs Ovechkin

  • Quick Shift: Jersey Fouls

  • Quick Shift: Adidas All Star Jerseys

  • Would you take PK Subban on your team?

  • Hockey is Hockey

  • Top 6 Storylines of the 2018-19 NHL Season

  • Hockey in the South Fan Favorites

  • The Line Up: 6 Leagues That Are Better Than You Think


  • NHL Opinion Hockey in the South

  • Top 6 Coaches to Have Won the Jack Adams Trophy

  • Hockey Opinion: Lebron vs Gretzky

  • Playing Street Hockey in the Neighborhood

  • John Schiavo flexes at the Muscle Skate in NY

  • NHL Elimination Cafe 2018 Supercut

  • Elimination Cafe 2018 - Last Call

  • Top 6 Vote: Coaches to Have Won The Jack Adams Trophy


  • NHL Opinion | The Case for Bettman

  • Tell us why you think the Minnesota Wild Suck | Your Hockey Team Sucks

  • Elimination Cafe 2018 | Round 3

  • Change My Mind - The NHL is NOT Fixed

  • Top 6 Franchises To NEVER Win The Stanley Cup

  • Elimination Cafe 2018 | Round 2

  • Top 6 Vote: NHL Teams that have never won the Stanley Cup


  • NHL Pick 'Em Playoff Edition | 2018

  • Elimination Cafe 2018 | Round One

  • Tell us why you think the Washington Capitals Suck | Your Hockey Team Sucks

  • The First Game - Our Hockey Story | Bryce Salvador

  • Your Hockey Team Sucks - Philadelphia Flyers

  • Top 6 NHL Team Names

  • Top 6 Results | Hockey Jersey Numbers to Wear

  • Top 6 Best NHL Players of the 1990's

  • Top 6 Challenge - Players from the 90's that aren't Gretzky or Lemieux

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  • Hockey In New Jersey Equipment Drive | October 2017

  • Hockey Achievements 2017-18 Season Preview

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  • A British Hockey Player in America

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  • Top 6 NHL First Overall Draft Picks

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  • Share your Hockey Apparel Challenge

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  • NHL Elimination Cafe

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Recent Content

Kerry Fraser - Stories from a legendary NHL Referee

Thursday, December 5, 2019

When your NHL career consists of 1904 regular season games, 12 Stanley Cup Finals and over 261 playoff games - you’re going to have some stories to tell.


Quick Shift - The "Don Cherry" Debate

Thursday, November 14, 2019

It would be easy to come on here and tell you our personal thoughts on the Don Cherry situation, but that’s really not the point. It would just be two more opinions in an endless ocean of opinions. Like most issues, this is more complicated that it seems - even if we want it to be simple.


Introducing The Miracle

Monday, November 4, 2019

With the complete support of the 1980 Team, together we were able to design and produce a Limited Edition Custom Pair of glasses and bag to both commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the greatest sports moment of the 20th century


Ron Francis - Seattle GM and Hall-of-Famer

Monday, October 28, 2019

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with the new GM of the Seattle NHL expansion franchise, Ron Francis, at the 2019 Peconic Hockey Foundation Legends Invitational Golf outing at the Sebonic Golf club on Long Island.


Mike Richter - NHL Goalie and Stanley Cup Champion

Thursday, October 24, 2019

We had the opportunity to sit down with Mike Richter, famed New York Rangers goaltender who was in the net during the teams 1994 run, at the 2019 Peconic Hockey Foundation Legends Golf outing at Sebonic Golf Club. Richter, who was there in the support of the foundations mission to grow the game on Eastern Long Island, gave us insight into his NHL career, fans and the future of the game.


Trottier: Learning Life Lessons Through Hockey

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Back in mid-August, Lee and a few other members of our team sat down with Bryan Trottier in Kitimat BC to talk about Trottier's new initiative to bring ball hockey to First Nation communities to help both introduce the sport and to use that sport to use it for growth both personally and physically.


Hockey is Hockey with Jim Tamburino

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Jim has been involved with hockey his whole life. He loves to share his passion for the sport and is always looking to get more people playing whether it's on ice or on wheels.


Making The Russian Five

Monday, October 7, 2019

If you are a Detroit Red Wings fan, then this edition of the We Live Hockey Podcast is a must listen. Heck, I'm not even a Red Wings fan and I enjoyed the heck out of this particular podcast.


Big-time Hockey in Small Arenas Leads to Growth of the Sport

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Patrick Hoffman shares his experience of big time hockey in a little arena.


An Unlikely Friendship that Changed the Game - Lou Vairo Part 3

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

There’s no reason that Lou Vairo (USA Hockey) & Anatoli Tarasov (USSR Hockey) should have been friends at the height of the Cold War - but they were. Their love for the game and friendship transcended the politics of the time.


How to Grow the Game - Lou Vairo Part 2

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

While Canadians may be the kings of all things puck, Americans are right behind them and are considered a hockey power in their own right.


Introducing the WeLive.Hockey Podcast

Monday, September 30, 2019

Welcome to the WeLive.Hockey podcast. hockey stories, in addition to allow us to communicate with our community (which really is the power of welive.hockey).


No One Wanted to Coach The Team - Lou Vairo Part 1

Monday, September 30, 2019

While Canadians may be the kings of all things puck, Americans are right behind them and are considered a hockey power in their own right.


NHL 20 - The Full Review

Saturday, September 14, 2019


Your Hockey Team Sucks: New York Islanders

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

We've read your comments, and now we're here to defend the Islanders (mostly). Why don't you like the New York Islanders?


Hockey First Nation: Building the Game with Bryan Trottier

Friday, August 23, 2019

When we were asked to work with Bryan Trottier on his first project to bring hockey to First Nation communities, we weren’t sure what to expect. What we encountered was a life changing experience.


Your Hockey Team Sucks: Vancouver Canucks

Monday, August 19, 2019

Another episode where we ask YOU why the #vancouvercanucks suck, and we defend them right from Vancouver itself!


Elimination Cafe Giveaway Winners Announced

Friday, June 28, 2019

Thank you all so much to everyone who entered out giveaway this season. Elimination Cafe, much like everything else on this page, is a labor of love that wouldn't be possible without all of you.


Elimination Cafe 2019 - Bonus Round

Thursday, June 27, 2019

What would the #EliminationCafe have been like if the #BostonBruins had won... Can’t thank you all enough for the ❤️ friends! If you love what we’re doing, shares and inviting your friends is always a great way to show your support!


Your Hockey Team Sucks: Vegas Golden Knights

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

We asked YOU why the #VegasGoldenKnights suck.... and you gave us a LOT of answers. So during our trip to Vegas, we looked at some of the most popular reasons why you all don't like the knights


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Working with Lee and the welive.hockey team was an absolute pleasure. His team was organized, professional and understood clearly what our mutual goals were for this project. Moreover, their production far exceeded what we thought was possible.

- Red Bull Marketing Team

WeLive.Hockey is exactly the type of group the sporting world needs right now. Their ability to tell the real story behind an event or person, not just what's on the surface, in order to engage an audience is what separates them from other production groups out there. They are professional, prepared and always produce something that we can be proud of. I look forward to working with them again and again moving forward.

- Mike Bonelli, USA Hockey
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