Ended on June 24, 2019

Elimination Café Giveaway


As a thank you for your support we are holding a massive giveaway throughout the NHL Playoffs.

Prize Set #1 – 10 Pairs of Blade Shades – Hockey Sunglasses for Hockey People. Visit BladeShades.com for more info

Prize Set #2 – We are giving away 10 Barn Burner Swag Bags complete with their infamous hockey Toiletry bag, Filthy Mitts Deodorizing Equipment Spray, a tin of premium stick wax and a Barn Burner skate/visor Towel. All products are 100% all natural and do not contain a single chemical. You can get more information at barnburnerhockey.ca

Prize Set #3 – An Original Hockey Sauce Kit! Simply put - its a must have hockey item.

When you sign up below you are auto entered for all three prize sets.

Thanks again for your support – you are our oxygen!

This giveaway has ended. View the winners here.

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