31 Team NHL Quiz Powered by Hockey Tonky

February 28, 2018

Lee Elias

Ok, we’ve had enough of waiting for the NHL season to start…We had to do something to help pass the time.

Travis and I have been thinking for a long time of a challenge we could create that would help the days go by while also keeping us entertained. The result is what will be the biggest contest and prize we hold this summer.

The Prize

An official NHL team jersey, winners pick (yes seriously) for the overall winner and weekly prizes for weekly leaders.

The Contest

A 31-Team Trivia Challenge w/ leaderboards

The Teammate

Apparently @HockeyTonky on Instagram (322,000+ followers) is just as tired of waiting as we are!

Each week we will reveal a new trivia set that will highlight a team from each of the four NHL divisions. You will have 7 days to take these quizzes (you can do them all at once or over the course of the week) and we will keep a weekly and overall leaderboard of those that participate. All you need to get in is an email.

Oh yeah, one last thing. Each five-question quiz is timed 60 seconds, so you literally have just over the normal shift length time to finish each team’s trivia. This means you might want to read up first before jumping in. The Game starts now!

You ready? Check out the first team sets below:

Washington Capitals Quiz

Colorado Avalanche Quiz

Buffalo Sabres Quiz

Edmonton Oilers Quiz