Elimination Cafe is Coming

April 08, 2018

Lee Elias

It’s playoff time! Big Hits! Big Plays! Rough Calls! Lost Prayers! Elimination!

Truth is, while we all love the NHL Playoffs – at the end of the road, only one team will win the Cup. That leaves fifteen other clubs with an painful exit to the golf course.

Last year we answered the question, “What would happen if all the eliminated teams from the NHL Playoffs stepped into a bar together?” This year…we will answer that same question again…with several new teams.

The 2018 edition of Elimination Café will be open for business soon! Make sure to keep an eye out for elimination special shortly after the conclusion of each playoff round.

While this year’s edition will feature a pretty amazing giveaway prize (its 2 feet tall, silver and looks like something that rhymes with Shmanly Shmup), we invite you to enter into our current WeLive.Hockey giveaway to win one of 50 Green Biscuits. For every individual entry, we will also donate $1 to the Humboldt Broncos GoFundMe page for the families affected.

Ends on April 22, 2018

To celebrate both of our “second seasons”, let’s take a look back at our favorite moments from last year. Here were our Top 6 (check out the actual Top 6 show here) Moments from the 2017 “Elimination Café

6. Carey Price– Watching him fly through the universe was overplayed – we officially ended it

5. On The Green– Several of our golf teams will be in the café this year!

4. Cup Caper - The Blues seem to get close to a cup from time to time - but someone always takes it away! 

3. Loyalty Rewards Card– Cause some teams are regulars in the establishment

2. The Bar Fight– This series would not have been complete without an all-out hockey brawl...with Penguins

1. Catfished!!!– Because there is something about Travis getting hit in the face over and over again with a catfish that is hilarious

Elimination Cafe Top 6