Hockey is Hockey with Jim Tamburino

October 09, 2019

WeLiveHockey Experience

Isn't great to talk with a hockey lifer? These are our kind of people as they love the game through and through like we do.

In this edition of the We Live Hockey podcast, Lee interviewed Jim Tamburino, or "Tambo" as Lee calls him, while they were together at the Hockey is Hockey event in Long Island.

Tamburino has been involved with hockey his whole life whether it's been on the ice or on wheels as he's been both a player and coach at many different levels of the game. He loves to share his passion for the sport and is always looking to get more people 

Here are a few interesting tidbits among others that we will learn from listening to this episode:

Jim tells us about Hockey is Hockey, an event he created as a celebration of the game and a tribute to grassroots of the sport on both ice and wheels.

It was interesting to learn just how much goes into this event. We will learn that it has a youth tournament, ball hockey, dek hockey, a draft, combine training and a legends event that has one game on ice and then one game on wheels. For Jim, this event is a way to showcase all forms of hockey and to get players ready for the upcoming season.

Jim and Lee also talk tell us how professionally run this event is. We learn that Jim is unbelievably detailed and that by paying attention to the details, it gives the participants every reason to keep coming back to this wonderful event and also gives them an experience to remember.

Jim tells us a story about how a participant in the event came up to him and with tears in eyes, expressed how great it was to be a part of it. Jim explained that hearing and seeing that gave him so much pride and happiness because it shows that he is doing everything right in terms of trying to accomplish his goal of having an event that focuses on the celebration of our sport, the feeling of togetherness that it brings, and just how he ended up getting so much more out of it than he ever dreamed of.

To find out more about who Jim is, what he sees for the future of Hockey is Hockey this event, as well as his overall passion for the sport, make sure to give it a listen. We guarantee that after listening to Jim talk, you will end up having a greater appreciation for the inline game than you did before.