How to Grow the Game - Lou Vairo Part 2

October 01, 2019

WeLiveHockey Experience

While Canadians may be the kings of all things puck, Americans are right behind them and are considered a hockey power in their own right.

One man who helped get American hockey off the ground and made a significant impact with USA Hockey was Lou Vairo. A few weeks ago during a USA Hockey coaching dinner in Long Island, NY, which also included an event that celebrated Vairo's life in hockey, Lee sat down with Vairo, Dave Starman (USA Hockey Certified Coach and College Hockey analyst), and Mike Bonelli (USA Hockey volunteer) to talk about Vairo's career and his impact on USA Hockey. 

In part two of this three-part podcast series with Lou, Starman, and Bonelli, you should keep your ears open to learn the following:

Starman talks about his first time in talking to Lou, which was after the 2009 World Junior Championships, and said how Lou told him how great he was on the broadcasts, something Lou continues to do to this day.

Lou and Dave tell us how the WJC's have helped hockey grow leaps and bounds in the U.S. thanks to the broadcasters and quality of hockey. Starman also tells us how amazing the country has done at the WJC's while Lou tells us how long it took to get this point.

What I think you folks will find interesting is how Lou helped start up a hockey league in New York that featured a key mission statement that all hockey organizations should live by, which Bonelli chimes in and tells us how important it is to get sticks in kids hands in order learn about and play hockey.

Starman tells us that when it comes to getting kids involved with hockey, you should not limit them to just one kind of hockey. It can be on the ice, in the street, on the floor, or on roller blades because when it comes down to it, it accomplishes the main goal of getting kids involved with hockey.

Lastly, make sure you listen to Lou's story on the Esposito brothers, Tony and Phil. He tells us how easily that got into playing hockey.

There's a lot more when it comes to hockey at the grassroots level in this podcast. Make sure to listen so that you can prepare yourselves for the final part of this particular podcast series.