Introducing the WeLive.Hockey Podcast

September 30, 2019

Lee Elias

A few months ago we out out a poll to see if people would be interested in a WeLive.Hockey podcast. We said to ourselves, if we get 50% of people that want it, we will do it. We ended up getting closer to 85%.

Honestly we were surprised. When we ask questions like that we never know what we're gonna get. That surprise turned to curiosity quickly as we asked ourselves, “What does a podcast look like?” 

As many of you that follow our channel know, we don’t beat to the standard hockey drum here. While we are as big of NHL fans as the next person, we don’t run solely on NHL stories - we run on HOCKEY stories. We wanted our podcast to adhere to that philosophy.

So we embarked on created something different. We wanted to create something that would tell hockey stories, in addition to allow us to communicate with our community (which really is the power of So thats what we did. 

For our launch we have compiled four hockey stories for you to listen to. This initial lineup includes:

Bryan Trottier - NHL Hall of Fame player and 7 Time Stanley Cup Winner

Lou Vairo - The Godfather of USA Hockey (a 3-part podcast)

Jim Tamburino - Team USA Junior Inline Coach & Creator of Hockey is Hockey

Joshua Riehl & Jenny Feterovich - Director and Producer of the Russian 5 Film

In addition to the above we have several more “story” episodes planned which will be available in the coming weeks.

You can find these episodes on our website,, and through Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud and we will be available on additional podcast services soon.

In addition to these “story” tracks, Travis and I will also be making a weekly episode that dives deeper into our Quick Shift topics and news from around the hockey verse that fits our channel.

Take a listen and, if you like what you heard, make sure to subscribe and share this podcast with your friends so we can continue to grow the community.

Thanks so much for your support and happy hockey!