Mike Richter - NHL Goalie and Stanley Cup Champion

October 24, 2019

Lee Elias

We had the opportunity to sit down with Mike Richter, famed New York Rangers goaltender who was in the net during the teams 1994 run, at the 2019 Peconic Hockey Foundation Legends Golf outing at Sebonic Golf Club. 

Richter, who was there in the support of the foundations mission to grow the game on Eastern Long Island, gave us insight into his NHL career, fans and the future of the game.

In this podcast you'll hear the following:

- How Richter and the 1994 New York Rangers found a way to rely on each others experience and their belief that there were no small roles within the organization. 

- A message that Richter would like to give to all fans of the New York Rangers; past, present and future.

- How hockey fandom is such an important part of growing the game and how his fandom has endured beyond his playing days.

- Why Richter believes activities like floor ball and street hockey are very important to help grow the game, especially in areas where ice may not be readily available.

Take a listen at the links above and/or watch the trailer below for this episode of the WeLive.Hockey Podcast.