TOP 6 BATTLE on Sports Me

May 18, 2018

Lee Elias

We’ve teamed up with SportsMe to bring you a giveaway where you could win one of three awesome prizes.

Who are SportsMe?

Well! They are an app where you get to show just how much you know Sports! Challenge your friends, fans, and rivals on daily sports topics from the NBA, NFL, MLB, NCAA and more.

Thousands of fans just like you are already voicing their opinions on everything from “Who will win the Stnaley Cup?” to “Is Ovevhkin the best Russian to ever play in the NHL?”, every day. Dive into a topic and record a short video of your take, then invite your friends to come battle you by adding their own thoughts. Vote on content and rise to the top of the leaderboards with every battle you win!

That’s where we come in.

Win with SportsMe

Download the SportsMe app and join in the discussion for “The Top6 Franchises to NEVER win a Stanley Cup” using #NHLTop6

The best answers will win either a SportsMe T-Shirt, Hockey WrapAround or

Download the app by clicking here: DOWNLOAD SPORTSME (iOS only)