TOP 6 Results: First Overall Picks Since 02

March 31, 2018

Lee Elias


We asked you to rank the TOP 6 first overall draft picks since 2002. Without further ado here are the results…

Top 6 (Community Results)

1 – Sidney Crosby (96)

2 – Connor McDavid (49)

3 – Patrick Kane (53)

4 – Alex Ovechkin (39)

5 – Steven Stamkos (45)

6 – Steven Stamkos (36) / John Tavares (29)

It’s a very interesting list most likely based on a lot of different factors. Crosby is the obvious #1 as he has the resume to prove it. After only two season Connor McDavid was selected for number two. Keep in mind this wasn’t a close vote with the only person trailing McDavid for second being Crosby (see the full voting results below)

With the season McDavid just had, we understand why so many people voted for him. Time will tell if he maintains that spot or if he moves up or down.

After number three things get interesting as the voting gets much closer. Alex Ovechkin and Patrik Kane wrestled for the 3rd and 4th spot with Kane edging Ovechkin for the role. Seeing as how Kane has three cups to Ovechkin’s zero we understand this move; however, Ovechkin did usher in a new era of goal scoring and is one of the elder statesmen on this list. However, you have spoken!

Similar to Kane and Ovechkin, Stamkos and Tavares battled for the final two spots on our list with Stamkos actually winning both the 5 and 6 spot (with Tavares following) based on votes.

So there you have it. Lots of different things to consider on this list – overall resume, Cups won, the teams they play for, bias, etc.


The Full Results


Sidney Crosby (98 Votes)

Connor McDavid (33)

Alex Ovechkin (10)

Patrick Kane (3)

Auston Matthews (3)

Steven Stamkos (2)

John Tavares (1)

Ryan Nugent Hopkins (1)

Aaron Ekblad (1)


Connor McDavid (50)

Sidney Crosby (40)

Alex Ovechkin (34)

Patrick Kane (20)

Auston Matthews (4)

Steven Stamkos (3)

John Tavares (1)


Patrick Kane (54)

Alex Ovechkin (39)

Connor McDavid (35)

Marc Andre-Fleury (5)

Steven Stamkos (5)

Sidney Crosby (2)

Ryan Nugent Hopkins (1)

Auston Matthews (11)


Alex Ovechkin (39)

Patrick Kane (35)

Auston Matthews (18)

Steven Stamkos (16)

Connor McDavid (15)

John Tavares (14)

Nico Hirshier (4)

Rick Nash (3)

Marc-Andre Fleury (3)

Ryan Nugget Hopkins (2)

Nathan MacKinnon (2)

Aaron Ekblad (1)


Steven Stamkos (45)

John Tavares (26)

Patrick Kane (21)

Auston Matthews (21)

Marc-Andre Fleury (9)

Alex Ovechkin (9)

Connor McDavid (6)

Nathan MacKinnon (5)

Sidney Crosby (4)

Rick Nash (3)

Nico Hirshier (1)

Taylor Hall (1)

Aaron Ekblad (1)


Steven Stamkos (37)

John Tavares (30)

Auston Matthews (28)

Marc-Andre Fleury (14)

Alex Ovechkin (9)

Rick Nash (6)

Aaron Ekblad (5)

Connor McDavid (5)

Taylor Hall (5)

Nathan MacKinnon (3)

Nico Hirshier (3)

Patrick Kane (3)

Sidney Crosby (2)

Erik Johnson (1)

Nail Yakupov (1)